How to Easily Create a Flagstone Walkway

Do you want an outdoor walkway? If you find yourself trudging through grass or dirt to walk around your backyard, consider spending the weekend installing a gorgeous flagstone walkway!

There are numerous flagstone colors and shapes to choose from. For example, you can create an organic, natural look with asymmetrical stones or a modern, clean design using polished square stones.

Learn how you can easily create a flagstone walkway in no time!

Clearing a Path

When forming your walkway vision, think about how closely you want the stones to fit together, what edging you want, and how you will fill in the walkway gaps. If you want a simple flagstone walkway surrounded by grass, you can forego excavating a path.

For a simple walkway, all you need to do is trace the stones in the grass using a small saw. Then you can use a trowel to pull up the dirt and grass to create an indent for the flagstone. To ensure the stone is level and stable, you can use sand as the base.  

If you want a wide flagstone walkway, the first step is to excavate a path. Use a rake to make the desired walkway even and free of debris. You can easily outline your desired path using spray paint.

Once your walkway is cleared of grass and rocks, you can install the border of your walkway. You can use metal siding, a vinyl border, or even bricks! Create a trench on the edges of your walkway for your edging and use stakes if you choose a vinyl border.

Laying Down the Flagstones

Once your path is clear and the border is set up, you can start prepping the walkway for your flagstone. To prevent weeds from sprouting up around your flagstones, you can lay down some weed block fabric where your walkway is.

Use sand to keep the weed block in place and make your flagstones level. If you want to avoid puddles of rain on your walkway, make the center of the path higher than the sides for better run off.

Once you are sure the sand base is level, you can start placing the larger flagstones on your walkway. Keep about 1-3 inches of space between the stones and fill gaps with the smaller stones. If you need smaller pieces than what you have, use a hammer to break up the stone.  

Once all your stones are set in place and you love the look of your walkway, you can fill in the gaps with pebbles, gravel, or mulch! Use a wide broom to easily distribute the pebbles or gravel over your walkway. For better water absorption, stick to pebbles or gravel.

Appreciating Your Hard Work

That’s it! With a few tools and some labor, you could easily create a flagstone walkway. The hardest part is choosing what flagstones you want to use and how you want to design the walkway. So choose a weekend and get to work!

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