Why Encinitas Realtors and Homebuilders Need to Work Together

Inventory on homes for sale in Encinitas is at a significant low; as of this writing there are approximately 107 Encinitas homes on the market, down 48% from 204 homes for the same time this year. With the recovery of the housing market in full swing, more and more buyers are taking the opportunity to purchase resale homes, which is why homebuilders will soon play an integral role in providing more inventory.

In the past many homebuilders have worked to provide the sales of their homes in Encinitas directly to the client, but as a result of a recent study by Builder Homesite Inc. that trend may be significantly changing.

The study, which polled 984 potential homebuyers, found that over 84% of those surveyed had every intent of working with a Realtor to purchase their home. Many reasons were given by the respondents as to why they intend on utilizing a real estate agent and the results are as follows:

  • 70% responded that they would use a Realtor to help negotiate price and terms.
  • 68% said they would use a real estate agent to help them find a home with their specifications.
  • 66% desired a Realtor to help them coordinate and schedule appointments.
  • 53% wanted an agent for reference on inspectors, buyers, and brokers.
  • 51% believed a professional would provide knowledge about the neighborhood.

These market conditions will undoubtedly lead to a degree of cooperation between homebuilders and real estate agents in Encinitas, which will in turn lead to improved service and assistance to you the client.

For more information on this trend you can visit this helpful article from Inman News on homebuilders and realtors playing from the same page.

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