A Printable House-hunting Checklist!

When you begin searching for a home, it seems like there are a million things to take care of. That’s why a comprehensive, generic checklist can be a valuable tool. Whether you like to use an electronic device or the old-fashioned paper version, a house-hunting checklist lets you keep tabs on all the homes you view, and is a wonderful memory aid when combined with photographs.

Keep in mind that no checklist is perfect. Some are obviously too long or short, some use an abundance of technical jargon, while others are nothing more than construction industry spec sheets. The SAHM Reviews version is printable or downloadable to your device of choice, is both comprehensive and relevant for almost any non-commercial real estate search.

Why a List?

Why are checklists a must when you are looking at properties? Here are just a few of the advantages of using them, even if you are not a “checklist person.”

  • The purchase you are about to make might very well be the biggest of your entire life, so it helps to “take notes” in the form of a checklist. There are so many details about a typical home, even a small one, that a normal human brain just can’t hold all the data in its memory banks.
  • Checklists force you (in a good way) to notice things that might otherwise get neglected, like the condition of the yard or the under-sink pipes. Just glancing at the list as you view a property will cause you to think of pertinent questions about the roof, the garage, the electrical systems, and a host of other parts of the structure.
  • The SAHM list attached breaks the topic down into digestible chunks, so even before you arrive at the property you can get your brain organized to think in terms of categories like: interior features, bed/bath, exterior impressions, kitchen, yard, utilities/miscellaneous.

Make the Checklist Your Own

Don’t forget to add a few black lines at the end of each category on the attached list. That way, you can write in anything that catches your attention and is not pre-printed on the existing form. Every house has its own unique characteristics, so be sure to note them right along with the check-off items. It is enormously helpful to have everything in one place.

When you use a comprehensive house-hunting checklist and augment its data with a dozen or more photos of each property you view, the decision process will be a snap. Even if your short list includes a dozen homes, you can spread the checklists and photos on the kitchen table and begin to choose your “final four,” and eventual “winner,” to borrow a bit of sports terminology!

So, print out the linked list and begin your home search in earnest. Being organized helps you make the most of your time and actually makes house-hunting fun, as it should be!

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