Questions for an Encinitas Realtor

As part of an ongoing series I will be answering questions for an Encinitas Realtor, whether that is common questions I encounter as an Encinitas Realtor or queries that you can send to me through Facebook or Twitter.

Today on Ask an Encinitas Real Estate Agent are a few questions that look at how I go about the process of helping buyers find homes for sale in Encinitas. Here are a few of those questions to let you know I can help you find Encinitas homes.

How many buyers do you work with at one time?

I usually work with between 2 and 4 buyers at a time.

How will you search for potential homes for me to view?

MLS, networking with other Realtors, and me (I hear about many properties before they come on the market)

How many homes, on average, do you show your buyers?

It could be only one, or it could be 50. Average would probably be a dozen before making a decision.

Can you instruct me as to how to find the right properties online?

I set all clients up on an auto prospect gateway via the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) system in the specific parameters they are looking for, so that the listings come automatically to them.

How do we schedule a showing for a house we want to see?

I check each homes’ showing instructions and set a time that’s convenient for the client to see the home with me.

Do you expect/allow us to look at homes on our own?

I do not expect or suggest that you to look at homes on your own. It’s important that we see the homes together so that I can give you my honest feedback of the pro’s and con’s of the property.

Will you show us houses that are not in the MLS (FSBO)?

I can show you any home you wish to see. I can show you a For Sale By Owner if the seller is cooperative.

If you have more questions about purchasing a home from Encinitas Realtors, send me your questions via Facebook or Twitter, or view this article from Encinitas Patch.

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