Encinitas Real Estate

You’re 2011 resolutions should have one of them to get Encinitas Real Estate.  Why Encinitas Real Estate? Because real estate in Encinitas is unlike any place on this earth. If you are not familiar with this area let me explain the mentality and the feelings surrounding living in this area.

The morning of each day is met with this fresh clean smell. When you step out the door to get your newspaper you see the palm trees, see the stunning green grass with the shimmering water droplets, and your skin is touched by a light breeze. You hear the birds as you turn around and re-enter your home.

You smell the coffee and hear it being brewed. You see the sunshine coming through the windows and take your coffee and newspaper outside onto the patio. You read the newspaper and see the weather in east coast… chance of snow 2 feet and the wind chill 10 below and you shake your head and laugh. You look up and see 2 joggers running across the sand and hear the waves lightly caressing the sand.

In the distance you see the brilliant white clouds and notice that some are actually whiter than others against the soft blue sky. Sipping your coffee you think about how lucky you are to be in such a great area. Away from the turmoil. In a peaceful and so colorful area.

Why buy your new home in Encinitas? That is clear. You deserve that sort of life and if you want me to show you the homes that will give you this wonderful feeling, just contact me. One of them is waiting for you to turn it from a house into a home.

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