San Diego Comic-Con to Stay Through 2016

One of the benefits of living in an Encinitas home is the close proximity to San Diego and one of the leading events in the area is the annual San Diego Comic-Con. The news that SDCC will be staying in San Diego should be positive news for those with an Encinitas home.

Just yesterday it was announced that the convention will stay at the San Diego Convention Center through 2016, which was an extension of the current contract by one year.

Financial disclosure information on the convention for the year 2011 showed why this is such an important event for the city of San Diego. The 2011 convention saw a cost of $8.28 million with revenue of $10.46 million, raising the nonprofit group that runs the convention’s year-end assets at $13.47 million, compared to $11 million the year prior.

Each year the convention brings in about 130,000 attendees with tickets selling out to the event far in advance, in recent years tickets have sold out a full year in advance. Tickets for the general public for the 2013 convention will not be released until next year. It is estimated that the convention brings about $180 million to the San Diego economy and directly provides the city with about $3 million in sales and hotel room tax income.

Plans for an expansion on the San Diego Convention Center are in the works and it is hoped that construction will begin next year and reach completion by 2016. Having started in 1970 the convention has come a long way.

When tickets go on sale next year try to pick them up and take part in the pop culture experience that is San Diego Comic Con as an Encinitas resident; I know as an Encinitas real estate agent I look forward to it.

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