Spot Red Flags on Real Estate

In any real estate purchase the best time to spot potential red flag issues is during the walk-through. An Encinitas real estate agent will help you spot major or minor issues during your initial walk-through.

Some red flags that may indicate that the Encinitas real estate you are looking to purchase may be in need of some serious work include:

  • Cracks in the Foundation – Finding cracks in the foundation can potentially mean that the foundation is in need of serious work, which could be extremely costly. At the same time the cracks could be very minor and be common with other homes in the neighborhood.
  • Leaky Roof – An unstable roof can be a very expensive repair and may play a significant factor in your determination of whether you want to purchase the home or not.
  • Kitchen and Bathroom – These are typically the most expensive rooms in a home to remodel, so making sure that there are no significant issues with these rooms is important.

In the state of California, real estate agents are required to provide a diligent and competent visual inspection of homes for sale, which means that both the Encinitas Realtor for the buyer and the Encinitas Realtor of the seller must provide a thorough walk-through and note, in writing, any issues of the home.

Having someone to provide a thorough walk-through is just one benefit of having an Realtor in Encinitas. Contact an Encinitas Realtor today at 760-310-0234 to help you with your purchase of homes for sale in Encinitas.

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