Encinitas Candy Buy Back Program

In Encinitas and San Diego County many dentists, pediatricians, and businesses are participating in the Halloween Candy Buy Back program. This program is an effort to assist children in Encinitas and across the nation in issues of dental health and obesity.

The Halloween Candy Buy Back program provides parents and children with the opportunity to sell their leftover Halloween candy for $1 per pound, with the candy then being donated to the non-profit Operation Gratitude. Operation Gratitude is a non-profit based in Van Nuys, California that ships out care packages to troops serving overseas and by utilizing the Halloween Candy Buy Back program they will be able to give U.S. troops a little bit of home.

These three health offices are participating in the program today, November 1st, from 2pm to 5pm in Encinitas:

El Camino Pediatrics, Davis Pediatric Dentistry, Yoshikane Orthodontics

477 N. El Camino Real


(760) 753-7143

These offices will also be participating though you will have to call them for information on the date and time they will be participating:

Tom Keller, DDS

500 Second Street

(760) 635-3478

Warner Pediatric Dental

1443 Encinitas Blvd

(760) 942-1570

All of these offices are located in Encinitas so all you will have to do is find out which one is closest to your Encinitas home for sale if you would like to participate.

This program will help to not only keep your kids from overindulging in Halloween candy put also put a smile on the faces of soldiers serving overseas.

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