10 Cute Holiday Handmade Gifts

What are 10 Cute Holiday Handmade Presents?

The holiday season is finally here! While they’re one of the best and most joyful times of the year, buying holiday gifts for all your loved ones can be expensive. Even if you take advantage of some holiday deals, the cost of all your gifts can add up. So, how can you be a holiday gifter without spending so much money? The answer to your question can come in the form of handmade gifts! They can be a thoughtful and innovative way of showing how much you care for your loved ones but without the cost of a traditional gift! 

Are you curious about what handmade gifts you can give out this season? Take a look at 10 cute holiday handmade gifts you can give to your family and friends:

  1. A Handmade Photo Ornament: Are your loved ones fans of decorating Christmas trees? Then, give out a handmade photo ornament! This gift can be simpler to make than you think. You will only have to print out a small picture of your friend or family member, cut a long piece of fishing line, fold it, and put it through the center of the picture. Complete the ornament with a cute ribbon around it, or place the photo inside a light bulb for an extra touch! 
  1. Yarn Ornaments: Another way to give out a handmade ornament is by making a yarn decoration. You can either wrap yarn around a plastic Christmas decoration or a handmade star cut from a piece of cardboard. Whichever option you choose, you’ll have to wrap the yarn with hot glue until the ornament is completely covered. If you make a yarn ornament, you can finish it up with cocktail picks to resemble knitting needles; or, if you make a yarn star, you can finish that up by gluing the ends of a yarn to make a hoop. 
  1. Christmas Tree Cupcakes: This can be a simple gift to make! You can buy or bake your preferred cupcakes and put a festive red or green icing on top! Whichever icing you choose, you’ll be sure to make a good impression with this DIY gift.
  1. Christmas Tree Drink Picks: A cool handmade gift you can give to friends is a Christmas tree drink pick! Simply cut a drink skewer to 3’’ long, and attach a small bottle brush tree on top with hot glue. Once you have this gift made, your friends will be the “talk of the town” at their next party! 
  1. Christmas Cookie Cans: This is another cute gift you can give to a loved one! All you have to do is wrap an empty chip can with cute paper and tie it up with a ribbon. Then, fill it out with Christmas cookies of your choice and gift them to your friends or family. It’s a simple gift to make and won’t take much out of your time! 
  1. Patterned Wooden Spoons: Do you know any home chefs? Then, give out this quick and easy homemade gift for Christmas! Just wrap a wooden spoon with a colorful thread and use hot glue to keep it in place. Voila! 
  1. Candleholder: If you don’t have any candles to gift, you can give your loved ones a handmade candleholder! Simply get an empty mason jar and use a hot glue gun to wrap some rope at the top. It’s that easy! 
  1. Coffee Mug Mixers: Do you have any extra spoons lying around? If you do, you can give out some coffee mug mixers! All you have to do is put chocolate on the spoon, sprinkle candy onto it, and wrap it in plastic. It’s a tasty gift that anyone will love!
  1. Knit Hat: If you’re into knitting things, you can create a cute hat for your family and friends! Personalize the gift with your preferred decorations, and watch them glow with joy. 
  1.  Cookie Cutter Tea Towel: A straightforward gift you can make is a cookie cutter tea towel. Just paint around a Christmas cookie cutter and stamp around the towel. It’ll surely boost some Christmas cheer to any of your loved ones!
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