Christmas Decorating at the Last Minute

When taking the time to prepare the perfect meal, find the perfect tree as well as decorate it, and of course the mad dash for present ideas, you might look around your home and realize that you still need the decorations.

Especially if you’re hosting Christmas, or just having a fun little gift exchange, you have to display a little bit of the spirit around the room. Guess what? With these six tips you’re not only going to have tasteful décor, but these options take no time at all and are inexpensive.

Best of all, the guests you are entertaining won’t know that you waited until the last minute.

Bottles and branches: With just a couple bottles you could have some Christmas cheer. You could use olive oil, vinaigrette or even disregarded wine bottles with green tint. If you go to a craft store, they will have branches with red berries on them to have a holly branch depiction. This not only is easy, but it displays elegance.

Light Bulbs: Simply lit up light bulbs that are covered by crochet stitching. That being said, if these designs were to be put on the table, they will provide a warm glow during your dinner as well as wonderful shadow outlines.

Candy Canes: You can’t have Christmas without candy canes! Well if you hang some tinsel or garland over the window pane or fire places’ mantel you could find some festive ribbon and hang the candy canes in front of each of the openings. These candy canes could also be given to your guests as a parting gift.

Pine Cones: Pine cones are inhabited in pine trees like that of the Christmas tree. If you add a little bit of silver glitter to the pine cones, it will give it a little wintry feel. That being said, strategically placing the pine cones around will give your home character, but also that outdoorsy, nature smell.

Christmas tree with Cards: Sure you’ll have your actual Christmas tree available for the holiday, but a mini tree on a coffee table or a mantle could spruce of your festivities. Most likely you’ve received a numerous amount of Christmas cards. Reuse these cards to the guests that have kindly sent you them by turning them into ornaments for the smaller tree. It will most likely be a large topic of matters at the party itself.

Holiday Chairs: Along with the pine cones, wrap the back of your dining room chairs with ribbon and attach the pine cones on there.

If time is of the essence, this will provide the Christmas cheer your home needs to entertain guests!

A Christmas Tree decorated with Christmas

By Linda Moore

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