8 Accent Furniture Pieces Under $100

If your home could use a little more color or an additional gorgeous piece of furniture, invest in an accent piece.

Accent pieces of furniture do more than fill a space, they enhance your existing décor and color scheme to further tie a room together. An accent piece could provide additional storage or seating. So invest in pieces that will provide your household with functionality in addition to style.

The following 8 pieces of chic accent furniture are all under $100.

Hexagon Storage Ottoman: This eye-catching hexagon shaped ottoman doubles as a storage unit. Keep your blankets and pillows tucked away and provide additional seating for guests. This style comes in 4 colors.

White Storage Table: Looking for a stylish and artistic storage table? This geometric white table is perfect for your home! It is both deep and wide, perfectly sized to store and hold items.

Wooden Screen Divider: Rather than just dividing rooms, screen dividers can we used as accent pieces against empty walls. This elegant divider is composed of 3 panels and is evocative of Asian style.

Pari Rattan Chair: This chair seems to have sprouted right from the earth. Made from natural rattan, this woven chair is reminiscent of British colonial times. Invite natural elements into your home with this accent furniture piece in either neutral or charcoal.

Wicker Ottoman: This ottoman mimics a woven basket. It is made of woven rattan and goes with just about anything. It is both chic and functional, serving as both storage and seating.

Intricate Lace Stool: This piece of accent furniture is absolutely stunning! This lace garden stool features a black lace pattern that will surely draw attention. Can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Gold Accent Table: This whimsical accent table is sure to capture your heart. Composed of gold finish, the leg of this table has flourishing tree branches and leaves. There is even a perched gold bird. Absolutely gorgeous and within budget.

Colorful Round Ottoman: If you want an accent piece that adds creativity and vibrancy, this colorful ottoman is perfect! It comes in 3 colorful prints and 2 basic colors. Add an intriguing accent piece to any room with this comfy ottoman.

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