Buy Encinitas Real Estate in a Buyer’s Market

Thinking about buying a home in Encinitas? With record-low interest rates on mortgages and many homes being sold at reduced prices, the current market in Encinitas is perfect for a potential home buyer. In December of 2011, Fannie Mae performed a poll of 1,000 people asking how they felt about real estate. Of the 1,000 people who were questioned, 71% believed that now was a great time to buy a house. Since a great deal of the real estate market is based on perceptions, this seems to indicate that increased confidence in buying a home is positively affecting the housing market.

Still, the poll did not indicate or ask whether those individuals believed that it would be a good time for they themselves to purchase a home and skepticism about the state of the housing market and economy are keeping many from purchasing a home. The number of improving housing markets in the United States almost doubled from December to January (from 41 to 76 respectively) and signs are showing that, though many markets can expect prices to stay relatively flat through the rest of 2012, home sales have been showing a steady increase. Now may be the best time to purchase that home you have been dreaming about in Encinitas. A skilled and experienced Encinitas Realtor like Linda Moore can guide you through the process of buying a home in Encinitas for the lowest price possible.

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