20 Ways to Build Trust

20 Ways to Build Trust


1. The circle of trust.  Trust yourself and become trustworthy by keeping your word and commitments; then those around will reciprocate.

2. Be predictably responsible in your actions.  Make it a habit to make the right choices – No right thing can come from wrong thinking.

3. Be reliable.  When you say you will do something – just do it!

4. Be Responsive.  Respond to people, make eye contact, have a firm handshake and have good manners.

5. Be Accountable.  Accept good and bad circumstances and situations.  Don’t make excuses when you fail.  Be objective and fix it. Show your strength of character in the face of adversity.

6. Be honest.  Don’t embellish, exaggerate or selectively leave out information or be afraid to express your opinion.  Do not lie, cheat, steal, or deceive in anyway, for anyone, for any amount of money.

7. Be loyal.  Self serving people are never trusted.  Loyalty has a lot to do with your ability to be loyal, to be supportive and keep the promises you make.

8. Transparency.  Be open and share yourself to a level of acceptable comfortableness. Politely share your opinions with others.  Let people know where you stand.

9. Be Authentic.  False fronts, game playing and double standards escalate mistrust and are a barrier to good working relationships.

10. Admit your mistakes.  Have the courage to admit mistakes – apologize and move on.

11. Stand up for “what’s” right.  It’s not who’s right, it’s what’s the right thing to do.

12. Be respectful.  Being respectful to everyone, demonstrates your strength of character.

13. Be fair and balanced.  Be fair to all and consider how decisions will impact everyone.

14. Be open-minded.  Prejudice and judgments based on your religion or cultural values will cause conflict and eliminate trust.

15. Listen.  The fastest way to create resentment and resistance is to be a pre-occupied bad listener.

16. Don’t Gossip.  Remember the person who is gossiping with you, is gossiping about you.

17. Be hardworking.  Everyone respects, trust and even admires a hardworking person who dedicates their best efforts to the job.

18. Be Cooperative.  Positive cooperative people are trusted more easily.

19. Give sincere compliments – not false flattery

20. Communicate consistently, avoid secretive agendas, closed doors.  Be candid and open with everyone

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