4 Tips for Buying a Fixer-Upper Home in Encinitas

Buying a fixer-upper home in Encinitas allows you the opportunity to shape and remodel the home to your tastes and preferences, and can be a rewarding and memorable process. However, there are a number of things you should watch out for before making your final offer and signing the papers for a fixer-upper home in Encinitas.

As the number 1 real estate agent in Encinitas, I make sure all my clients are aware of these tips for buying a fixer-upper home in Encinitas. I hope these tips help you determine if a fixer-upper is a smart choice for you.

1.      Have a Home Inspection Performed

When weighing your options for a home in Encinitas, always make sure to have a home inspection done by a professional. While it might have some upfront costs, it could save you money in the long run when buying a fixer-upper. A professional home inspector will be able to gauge the potential costs of any hidden damage like mold, structural damage, pests, radon, and other unknown issues.

2.      Decide if DIY is an Option

After getting the home in Encinitas inspected, decide what you can and cannot do on your own. Don’t let the TV home improvement shows fool you into a false sense of handiness. Electrical, structural, and septic work is best left to a professional. Painting and putting up drywall can be done without professional help.

3.      Receive Estimate Repair Costs

Talk to a contractor, and have them do a walk-through of your home in Encinitas so they can give you an estimated cost of repairs and remodeling needed for your fixer-upper. Get the estimate in writing, add it to the overall expense of buying that particular home, and make sure the costs still fall within your budget. For repairs you plan to do yourself, factor in cost of supplies.

4.      Check Permit Costs

To avoid any problems down the road when trying to sell your home in Encinitas, always request a permit for repairs, additions, or remodeling your fixer-upper. Ask local officials and your contractor how much the permit will cost, and factor that into your budget.

Before officially committing and buying a fixer-upper home in Encinitas, always consider these 4 factors, and don’t forget to keep your budget in mind throughout the entire process. For help determining if a fixer-upper suits you, enlist Linda Moore as your trusted realtor, and I will help find a home in Encinitas that you love.

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