5 Etiquette Rules for Open Houses

Open houses are coming back to the market. If you are shopping for a new home, it may be time to brush up on the etiquette rules. While there are not many etiquette rules for an open house, there are a few important ones:

 Be on Time

If an open house starts at noon, do not come early! Give the seller or agent plenty of time to get things ready. If the open house only has a couple of minutes left, don’t take your time going through it. 

No Dirty Shoes 

Many open houses will provide foot coverings for your shoes at the door. Put these on and avoid wet or dirty shoes in the home.

Mind Your Guests 

If you are bringing any children, be mindful of them during the open house. It is important to let the other guests experience the home without children misbehaving by them. 

Let the Other Guests Have Their Time 

If someone is already in a room while you are touring, let them have time to view it and wait. Do not crowd any rooms and give them equal opportunity to view the rooms.

Do Not Search Through Belongings

This may seem like a given for most people, but it does happen! Let the seller have some privacy and avoid touching their personal effects. 
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