5 Non-Negotiables in a Home Search

Purchasing a dream home can be stressful, especially in this new market. The home search may require you to make some compromises during the process. However, there are a few non-negotiables during the home search that you may run across. Non-negotiables are your list of musts and not wants, meaning that you are not able to give up these factors!

Some of the most common non-negotiables during a home search are:

1. School District 

For most families, the school district is often something that cannot be compromised on. The available education for a child will impact their future, and it is something important to consider during your home search.

2. Price 

Be realistic when setting a budget for your new home. While you may be able to initially afford the price, think of all the other factors and expenses in your budget.

3. Commute

Another non-negotiable to think about is the commute to work. How far are you willing to drive each day? The location of your home matters in more ways than you might think! If the house is on a busy road, that will also impact your daily life. If you are purchasing a home in the city, think about the public transportation that is available if you are relying on it. 

4. The Number of Bedrooms and Closets

While this may seem trivial, it is an important part of your life. How many people will be living there long term? Will your family grow into the home? These are all important questions that could impact your quality of life after you purchase your dream home.

5. Layout

The space and layout of your home will also contribute to your overall happiness and could be a non-negotiable. Some buyers prefer open floor plans, but others prefer more privacy. If you need a handicap-accessible home, that is another non-negotiable for the layout. 

If you have any questions about the non-negotiables during your home search or before, ask a realtor to help guide you! 

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