How to Stage Your Home for Sale in Encinitas

One of the many questions that I get as an Encinitas Realtor is how to properly stage a home for sale in Encinitas. Here is a checklist of the steps you need to take to prepare your Encinitas home for sale.

  • Remove Clutter – While this does mean getting rid of those piles of trinkets or paperwork, shoes or media that clutter up the house, the biggest offender for room clutter is excessive furniture. It may be beneficial for you to move furniture that clutters up a room to storage as the removal of this furniture can really open up the home.
  • Furniture Placement – Once you have isolated the furniture that you want to keep when showing the home don’t fall into the trap of just pushing it all against the wall. Arrange your furniture so that traffic flow is obvious and so that it represents the potential for conversation and occupation to the buyer. The space will additionally look larger and feel more useful.
  • Lighting – It is typical for homes to be improperly lighted, but how do you properly light a room? A simple way to achieve properly lighting is to provide 100 watts for every 50 square feet and to make sure that you have three types of lighting: accent (fixtures on a table or wall), ambient (general and or overhead lighting fixtures), and task (such as a reading light, pendant, or under-cabinet lighting).
  • Using Paint to Make A Room Look Bigger – A simple trick to making a room look bigger is to paint that room and the adjacent room the same color. Oftentimes matching the colors of the drapery with the room will make a room look more spacious as well.
  • Neutral Paint Colors – Bold color choices in large spaces can turn off potential buyers, especially in areas such as a living room. Neutral colors don’t have to be drab, however, and the gamut of neutral paint colors runs from a warm tan to soft blue-green. Choose a neutral color that best accents main rooms and large spaces.
  • Bold Colors – While a bold color may not work for large spaces, smaller rooms as well as a dining room or bedroom may benefit from darker colors. Do a bit of experimenting to find the color that works best or just use a darker color for an accent wall in the home.

HGTV has a great article featuring secrets to home staging, which may prove beneficial to making sure your Encinitas home is ready for buyer-viewing, so consult with that article as well as other resources to find the best way to stage your home.

By Linda Moore

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