5 Quick DIY Projects for Your Home

paint wall

If you are looking to save money but spruce up your space, check out these quick and easy DIY projects you can tackle this weekend!

Here are a few to keep in mind:

1. Reupholster Furniture: In this day and age of Youtube, there is nothing you can’t learn online! Swapping out fabric on a chair and reupholstering it is easier than you think.
2. Create Some Throw Pillows: Head on over to your favorite fabric store and get fabric, stuffing, and some sewing supplies! With a few stitches, you’ll have some new throw pillows for your living room. Check out a quick DIY of a throw pillow here.
3. Swap Out Your Lamp Shades: You would be surprised with how much a room can change with such a simple swamp! A new color for a lamp shade can brighten your room. Or, a new pattern can add a little bit of flair! Simply choose a new fabric shade that is safe for lamps, and apply them to an old lampshade.
4. Paint Your Mirrors: A fresh accent color on a mirror’s border can make all the difference in a room! Simply choose a color that accents the room and get to painting!
5. Make a Rolling Vanity: If you have a cosmetics tray, attach some wheels to it! Small cosmetic trays from IKEA and roller wheels are your ticket into a new rolling vanity for your cosmetic area.

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