721 Crest Dr, Encinitas, CA 92024


MLS 100013787

721 Crest Dr

Encinitas, CA

Beautiful curb appeal makes this home feel warm and inviting. It is one of those homes where you spot it as you drive up to it and know that you have come home, not to some “house”. The back yard has such a nice patio that you can imagine sitting outside on a cool night looking up at the stars and breathing a sigh of relief, comforted and nested in your safe space. Absolutely perfect for either entertaining guests or just having some alone time.

Once inside you are amazed by the hardwood floors and the open space. You could see your keys on the counter next to the newspaper. You can see the cake made the other day, not for any other reason but “just because”. Yes… this feels like home.

At night this open living transforms itself into a place to sit back in your lazyboy, put on a little fire in the elegant fireplace and watch a movie. The way the living room turns into the quiet and subdued place is amazing because of the way the lighting in the ceiling is set. Just right.

When it’s time to go to bed, your room has a bathroom with one of those glass bowl sinks. You know you always wanted one because every time someone sees it they think it’s so unique but more importantly each time you use it you feel unique.

I really can’t express to you the amazing things this property has in writing. If you haven’t viewed the video, I would suggest doing it and just imagine yourself as the owner with your keys in hand coming home. Yes, it can be yours.

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