Homes For Sale in Encinitas

Let Linda Moore show you all the available homes for sale in Encinitas on her website so you can choose the best one for your needs!  Linda Moore first moved to the San Diego area in 1977 and she called Encinitas home. Though all of the cities in the San Diego area, such as Del Mar and Cardiff and Oceanside, are well-known and loved by Linda, Encinitas will always have a very special place in her heart.


Encinitas is an absolutely gorgeous city that stretches across six miles of Pacific Ocean coastline. Encinitas is only thirty miles North of San Diego, which places it in the unique position of being close to the first and second largest cities in California (Los Angeles and San Diego respectively). Encinitas is also very close to the Mexican border and one could easily spend the day in Mexico and return home before nightfall.


Of course for those interested in really keeping busy there are multiple beaches on which you can surf or kite board, boogey board or just get a sun bathe. Whatever it is you like to do you can pretty much find it all either within Encinitas or very near to it.  And whatever your home needs are here, Linda Moore can show you the best homes for sale in Encinitas and get you the best prices to compare!


Take a chance to look at just some of the listings of homes in Encinitas that Linda Moore has on this website and see for yourself how stunning the beauty of Encinitas can really be.

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