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An interesting article in the Del Mar Times talks about Allied Energy and its ability to save home owners on their electric bill, especially those with solar energy. Many houses in the San Diego region have converted to solar energy, which is the most of any utility in the U.S. Destined to save people money and helpful to the environment, solar and efficient energy has become a bigger focus with appliances and energy in today’s homes. If you’ve considered solar energy, then this article is for you.

Allied Energy has been in Carlsbad for 12 years, a business based on both solar and electric contracting licenses. Particularly, they specialize in solar + battery storage. According to their VP of marketing, they’ve installed more solar + storage systems than any business in San Diego.

Their system takes your home “off the grid” for a monthly payment that ends up being lower than your previous electric bill. They estimated that a $200-per-month electric bill before solar + storage could have a $10-per-month electric bill and a $160-per-month loan payment after the installation. Overall, you could be saving $360 a year on your electricity bill.

Allied Energy explains that “the use of batteries is important in San Diego because more than 100,000 homes in San Diego Gas & Electric territory have solar… but few of those systems also have batteries”. With solar panels, the batteries charge through the day. Then, homes run off the batteries when the sun goes down, which is when it is an “off-grid operation”.

SDG&E time-of-use rates will be active starting December 2017, so having battery storage is going to be a must to continue saving on your electric bill. Instead of paying peak-priced electricity from the grid during the hours of 3 p.m. to 9 p.m., your house would run off those charged batteries.

The batteries provide many benefits for those in San Diego when it comes to power outages, fires, earthquakes, or other natural disasters in the region. The batteries are used during those emergencies which could help save money.

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