Most Popular Interior Design Styles: Each State

A study done by Joybird has revealed that the Victorian style is the most popular décor style than any other. Even though that’s the most popular across 10 states, it’s not necessarily making its way across the entire country. Here in California and in New York, the styles preferred are more traditional and contemporary styles.

Out of the most searched on Google across the country, the rankings are as follows:

  1. Victorian
  2. Bohemian
  3. Contemporary
  4. Industrial
  5. Shabby Chic
  6. Traditional
  7. Mid-Century Modern
  8. Art Deco
  9. Transitional
  10. Western
  11. Coastal
  12. Modern Farmhouse
  13. Vintage

For those trying to keep up with the next best thing, sticking with the trends in New York and California is usually the route to go. What happens on the coasts in trends usually works inward. The contemporary style in New York focuses on rounded lines, and a mix of bold and neutral shades. In California, the more transitional style combines modern and traditional. What state does the style of your home fall into?

Alabama: Bohemian
Alaska: Bohemian
Arizona: Traditional
Arkansas: Shabby chic
California: Transitional
Colorado: Industrial
Connecticut: Victorian
Delaware: Victorian
Florida: Contemporary
Georgia: Bohemian
Hawaii: Traditional
Idaho: Shabby chic
Illinois: Contemporary
Indiana: Victorian
Iowa: Industrial
Kansas: Contemporary
Kentucky: Traditional
Louisiana: Shabby chic
Maine: Victorian
Maryland: Contemporary
Massachusetts: Transitional
Michigan: Industrial
Minnesota: Mid-Century Modern
Mississippi: Shabby chic
Missouri: Victorian
Montana: Bohemian
Nebraska: Victorian
Nevada: Victorian
New Hampshire: Bohemian
New Jersey: Bohemian
New Mexico: Art Deco
New York: Contemporary
North Carolina: Contemporary
North Dakota: Bohemian
Ohio: Industrial
Oklahoma: Vintage
Oregon: Industrial
Pennsylvania: Vintage
Rhode Island: Vintage
South Carolina: Coastal
South Dakota: Western
Tennessee: Shabby chic
Texas: Contemporary
Utah: Modern farmhouse
Vermont: Vintage
Virginia: Contemporary
Washington: Mid-Century Modern
West Virginia: Bohemian
Wisconsin: Industrial
Wyoming: Western

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