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A Bird’s eye view of Koenig’s 3,000-square-foot personal residence. | via

Though famed modernist architect Pierre Koenig passed away thirteen years ago at the age of 78, he is still managing to garner attention here in southern California, as his personal home in Brentwood is going on the market for close to $4 Million.

The USC graduate (and eventual professor at USC’s School of Architecture) was part of the coalition of architects commissioned by ‘Arts & Architecture’ magazine to experiment and design cost-efficient residential modern homes during the post-WWII housing boom, dubbed “The Case Study Houses”. Koenig was personally responsible for Case Study Houses #21 (the Bailey House) and #22 (the Stahl House), both of which reside in Los Angeles, with the former now a California monument, while the latter has been used for dozens of shoots and films in popular culture.

Koenig built his private residence in the mid-1980s, but this recently restored home has the feel and design of the retro-50’s space-age vision of the future. The 3 bedroom/2.5 bath home of steel and glass structural design is bright white and has a parlor, interior courtyard, music room, open kitchen and a three-story atrium with glass staircases and tall clerestory windows. The home also features an exceptional acoustic range.

As a tribute to the late designer, Koenig’s stepsons, Barry and Thomas Kaufman, spent nearly three years restoring the unique home to a vision of its original beauty and scope. The men even went as far as to include Koenig’s studio, complete with their step-father’s drafting tables.

While the hefty price tag may deter many interested buyers, this home is a testament to a creative man whose vision and style helped revolutionize the residential housing industry—it is a home unlike no other.


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