Bedroom Design Solutions for Poor Sleep

If you struggle most nights to fall asleep or stay asleep, you may think you need a trip to the doctor or you have some form of insomnia. However, that may not be the case. Perhaps all it takes to fix the issue is a few design solutions for your bedroom so you can get more Zzzs.

Problem: A shifting duvet insert.

Solution: This is actually an incredibly easy problem to solve but many people don’t end up doing anything about it. You can buy comforter clips at stores like Bed, Bath & Beyond. Or if you prefer a DIY option then you can sew fabric tape to the inner corners of your duvet.

Problem: Getting overheated or freezing cold in the middle of the night.

Solution: Layer your bed like you layer your outfits during the fall. The idea is to have enough options to fit for all the temperature fluctuations that might take place throughout the night. Start out with a flat sheet then a duvet topped with a quilt and add an extra blanket at the end of the bed.

Problem: A light keeps you up.

Solution: Blackout curtains or light-blocking curtain liners are the perfect solution for an annoying street light right outside of your window that keeps you awake at night. You can also do this with a DIY option using a combination of decorative and blackout fabrics.

Problem: Too many pillows.

Solution: Sure, it’s really fun to pile up throw pillows up to the ceiling on your bed but you really ought to remove them before bedtime. It might seem like more pillows would made the bed more comfy and cozy but it actually limits your space and mobility which can make you stressed while you sleep.

Problems: You wake up with a scratchy, dry throat.

Solution: You need to invest in a humidifier. It’s easy to find small and inexpensive ones online or at a department store like Target. The added moisture with help you sleep more soundly at night and you don’t wake up with dry eyes or a scratchy throat anymore. Humidifiers make a big difference.

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