Solar Panels: Should You or Shouldn’t You?

linda-moore-encinitas-real-estateAsk a dozen people about solar panels and you’ll get 12 different opinions. Homeowners who already have them tell a different story, one that is not so colored by opinions and inaccurate information. Diehard sun-power advocates scream from their rooftops about cost savings and environmental advantages. Others say the expenses outweigh the benefits. Who is right? Does anyone need to be? Our take on the issue, from a homeowner’s viewpoint, says the shiny blue and black squares are, for the most part, a wise choice.

Remember the Key Facts

Here are key points to remember if you are thinking about putting solar panels on or around your home, or if you want to purchase a home that already has them installed.

  • Solar panels are not as expensive as most people think they are. But, a couple key factors come into play. The higher your utility bills are, the more you’ll save (obviously). Second, you will save more in the long run if you can afford to purchase a solar system outright, without financing its cost.
  • When it comes to solar power efficiency, every home is different. Be sure to ask an expert to evaluate your particular home and consider all the factors.
  • The angle of your roof, your property’s latitude and longitude, tree coverage, the area’s weather cycles and many other things play a pivotal role in the efficiency of a solar power system for a standard residential home.

Ask an Expert for an Assessment

Consult an expert or you’ll be left scratching your head. There are many types of solar panels and units, so ask a pro which kind is right for your home. An experienced solar expert can do an inexpensive assessment that will tell you what type of system could suit your needs. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking all solar systems are the same. They’re not!

Do your homework to learn about government and bank incentives. Depending on where you live, local and state governments might offer attractive financing options or outright tax rebates to homeowners who install solar generation systems.

The Advantages

Now that you’ve done your homework, consulted an expert and run through all the numbers for yourself, consider the following facts about solar power:

  • It is clean and renewable
  • Solar systems will almost always increase the value of your home
  • You will be more energy independent
  • Solar power systems are extremely reliable and easy to maintain
  • Solar energy is free
  • Your utility bills will go down
  • If you live in California, there are many financial incentives available

Solar energy systems for homes are usually a good idea for people who are willing to spend time doing some research, are willing to hire an expert and who are happy knowing they will save money with lower energy bills and by adding to the value of their property.

As with all home improvements, remember to do your due diligence, consult with pros, and consider all the options.

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