Boost Your Immune System Before Cold and Flu Season

The weather is becoming colder and the days are becoming darker now that daylight savings time has ended. This means fashionable layers and cute fall boots but it also means cold and flu season. Hopefully you have already gotten your flu shot but whether you have or haven’t you should still try these great homeopathic remedies to ward off sickness or alleviate symptoms.

Echinacea -> You can get this in capsule form or use fragments of the dried root to make tea.

Lemon Balm -> These leaves which are used to make tea can help you feel relaxed and soothe a sore throat. Lemon balm can even ease nervousness.

Ginger -> Now this is a superfood that is rich in antioxidants, iron, magnesium, calcium, and potassium. Fresh ginger can be peeled and grated for a cup of tea and used to ease upset stomachs and migraines.

Chamomile -> This plant can actually be used for more than just tea. You can use it in a bath! Breathing in the steam can help soothe hay fever and revive tired eyes.

Meadowsweet -> A main ingredient of this plant is aspirin! So perhaps you don’t need to take all those pills. It can also help soothe digestion.

Greek Yogurt Soup with Fresh Herbs -> The live cultures and probiotics in yogurt are probably one of the best defenses against bad bacteria. There is a recipe for this healing soup in the original link I will attach below.

Try and stay healthy this season!


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