Botanical Garden in Encinitas

Linda Moore, my Encinitas Real Estate agent, and I were discussing my garden at my new Encinitas home the other day and we got into a conversation about Quail Botanical Gardens.  It is a lovely place and a must see for anyone living in the area!  It is dedicated to the conservation of rare and endangered plants from all over the globe, from Central America, Africa, Australia, the Middle East, the Mediterranean, the Himalayas, Madagascar, and more.  Visitors and residents are invited to experience this spectacular collection of flora through: tours, nature walks, lectures, landscape advice and instructional programs. Quail Botanical Gardens offers more than 4,000 rare, exotic, and endangered plants on 35 landscaped acres.  They have the most diverse collection of bamboo in North America; California native plants; and subtropical fruits.  For children, the award-winning “Seeds of Wonder” interactive garden is the best part of the facility. They can roll down a grassy hill, explore a baby dinosaur forest, go on a lizard hunt, discover a secret garden, and enjoy themselves in a playhouse.  They have an Under the Sea garden which is actually a rock garden that mimics an underwater environment.  Enjoy the sounds of the cascading waterfall or the views from the overlook pavilion.  Quail Botanical Gardens is only a few short miles from my home in Encinitas, and I am ecstatic about their ability to advance public awareness of plant diversity.  Definitely a MUST SEE!!

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