Dance the Night Away by Our Encinitas Home

My husband and I have been ballroom dancing for years and when we moved to our new home in Encinitas, CA we needed to find a place to continue our craft.  Talking with our Encinitas Real Estate Agent, Linda Moore, we learned that there are a few places that many people of all ages go to perfect their art!  Formality Dance Academy was the one we picked and they have extremely knowledgeable instructors and is an incredible facility.  They offer lessons in everything from ballroom, modern dance, and improv all the way to hip-hop!  If you’re serious about dance then why not study with the best?  This is an award-winning academy and is world-renown for their choreography and dancers, some of whom are as young as 7.  They also have a non-competitive team but perform for fun and experience.  Of course there are classes for those who just want to move and shake their thing.  The rest of the teams, however; are serious dancers who may go on to professional careers in this omniscient youth-culture style.  This is just down the street from my Encinitas home and I am ecstatic!  The quality of their programs far exceeds anything else in So Cal!  So go on, dance for yourself and keep on doing what you love!

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