Bright Colored Patio Dining Sets for Your Home

Eating al fresco and relaxing outdoors is so enjoyable, especially in California where the weather is pleasant year-round.

Patio furniture typically comes in neutral, earthy colors. But your patio furniture doesn’t have to be brown, black, or even white. Choose to decorate your patio with fun, energizing colors that awaken the senses and make you smile.

Colors mean a variety of different things and can even impact your mood with differing psychological responses:

  • Red: Passion, strength, and importance
  • Green: Stability, renewal, and harmony
  • Yellow: Energy and happiness
  • Blue: Serenity and calmness
  • Orange: Playfulness and excitement
  • Purple: Decadent, romantic, and opulent

If you want a place to read under the sun or you want a place for guests to sit, there are plenty of gorgeous patio dining sets to choose from.

  • Bright Teal Dining Set

This two-seat dining set is in a stunning bright teal color. Small enough to fit anywhere, this brightly colored trio set will calm your nerves and help you relax under a bright blue sky.

  • Barn Red Bistro Set

This patio dining set seats two and comes with a sturdy table fit for iced tea and plated sweets. It comes in a warm muted red color that isn’t overpowering to the eye. Perfect for brightening an otherwise neutral colored patio.

  • Canary Yellow Dining Set

This eye-catching patio dining set comes in a blazing yellow color. This seating arrangement was meant to be seen and invoke feelings of happiness. How could you not fall in love with this vibrant canary colored furniture?

  • Minimalist Green Patio Set

If you love minimalism, then this patio set has your name on it! This lime green patio furniture speaks of subtlety and delicacy. Part of your patio, rather than the shining star.

  • Lively Orange Conversation Set

This brightly colored orange dining set comes with two large reclined chairs perfect for conversation or relaxation. Go ahead and unwind in the cooling breeze.

  • Matte Purple Dining Set

If you love the luxurious look of the color purple, this matte colored patio dining set is unbeatable! It seats two, and is compact for just about any size patio or deck.

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