DIY Literary Inspired Home Décor

If you have a passion for the written word, incorporate that interest into your home with these stunning DIY décor ideas. These literary inspired décor ideas are perfect weekend projects.

Get inspired, grab your tools, and get crafting! Your home will feel cozier in no time.

  • Picture Books

Collect some back-free picture frames of your choosing and go thrifting for some books with intriguing covers. Situate the book cover on your wall with some two-sided tape and center the art with a frame of your choosing!

  • Book Staircase

Turn your plain old staircase into a gorgeous stack of books! This project involves painting, so go ahead and get creative with color! Think of your favorite novels and recreate their spines using each staircase riser.

  • Bookish Coffee Table

Create your own coffee table using books! Go thrifting for hardcover books and stack them to the height of your choosing. Use different sizes and colors for a truly colorful masterpiece. Glue the books together using Gorilla glue. Then once you have four equally tall book stacks, top them with a wood plank or a glass piece.

  • Stacked Book Table Lamp

This DIY book lamp is stunning! The base is a stack of books that you can customize to your choosing. All of you need to recreate this table lamp are 8 hardcover books, a lamp kit, spray paint, and some tools.

  • Removable Book Page Wallpaper

Create an accent wall with decorative pages from a book! To recreate this stunning wallpaper idea, simply get a copy of your favorite novel and tear the pages out. Adhere the pages to the wall using this homemade cornstarch adhesive. That’s it! Once you wish to remove the wallpaper, simply use a wet rag.

  • Floating Book Mobile

This vintage looking book mobile is made using only one book, a small craft knife, and a hot glue gun! To hang the mobile, simply use strong, clear wire and a screw in hook attached to the ceiling. Go ahead and hang one or several!

  • Book Chapter Wall Art

Think of your absolute favorite book. You could have the first page on a wall of your choosing! Simply mark lines on your white wall with a level and a pencil, or for more precision, use a projector to project the page onto the wall for tracing. Then using a steady hand and some opaque black paint, get to work!

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