Stunning Birdhouses for Your Backyard

California is home to numerous types of birds, more than 600 species to be exact! And luckily for native Californians, about two thirds of all bird species in the US can be found throughout the Golden State.

Birds are lovely to look at, as they have beautiful varying colors and come in all manner of sizes. Birds are also capable of making various sonorous musical sounds, by either call or song.

The following are just some of the songbirds that can be found throughout southern California:

•   Lesser Goldfinch         •   White-breasted Nuthatch

•   Steller’s Jay                  •   Black-Headed Grosbeak

•   Wrentit                          •   Purple Finch

•   Black Phoebe                •   Bewick’s Wren

•   California Thrasher      •   Northern Flicker

Invite native wild birds to your garden by filling your backyard with cozy nesting boxes. These birdhouses are sure to make your backyard look even more colorful and stylish.

  • Beachside Cottage

This beautiful baby blue birdhouse is complete with windows, a white porch, and a brown thatch roof. This beautiful backyard addition is anything but basic.

  • Nautical Lighthouse

Ahoy mate! This beautifully detailed birdhouse looks like a nautical lighthouse. Complete with rocks and a two-level viewing deck.

  • Home Sweet Home on the Farm

Want a birdhouse that looks like a quaint barn? This nest box is full of stunning detail! Your local birds will be able to hang out by the tractor, wheelbarrow, and sacks of grain.

  • Ranger Station

Birds will feel right at home in this elevated wooden ranger station. But beware! There’s a terrifying moose on the ground floor of the forest.

  • Colorful Dr. Seuss House

If you’re a fan of Dr. Seuss books, then you need this whimsical birdhouse for your backyard! Comes colored and uncolored if you’re feeling artistic.

  • Windsor Castle

This impressively tall birdhouse resembles a castle. The architectural detail is quite astounding, and it’s made entirely of reclaimed wood.

  • Stone Cottage

A red door welcomes you into this beautiful stone cottage. Complete with a chimney, this cozy little nest box will make any little songbird happy and keep them safe.

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