Bring Encinitas Together with a Firepit

Adding a firepit to the backyard of your Encinitas home is a great way to solidify your house for backyard parties this summer. Summer in Encinitas is always a joy around here, and having some conversations around a fireplace in your backyard is a great way to end a summer night! Having a firepit in your backyard is a great way to meet your neighbors by hosting a party where everyone in town can come and go. Nothing brings people together in the summers like a good fireplace in the backyard, so if you are one of my clients who just bought your first Encinitas home, a firepit is a great icebreaker to meet new neighbors this summer.

You do not need an elaborate firepit at your Encinitas home nor do you need one that will cost you an arm and a leg. All you need is a simple cauldron that you can get from the store and plenty of firewood each time you have your backyard parties. Be sure to stack the firewood like a teepee, which will keep all of the fire centralized so it is easier to start and maintain. Use twisted newspaper to start the fire and never use gasoline or lighter fluid to start the fire.

You should keep your extra firewood covered, so you may need a shed or a place in your garage to store the firewood. You could make a project out of it and build a small firewood shed yourself next to the garage if you are one of those hands-on home improvement type person. Otherwise, keep your firewood as dry as possible which will make lighting the fire much easier.

Be sure to grab some graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows for some tasty s’mores this summer in Encinitas while you are hosting one of your many backyard parties. You can turn your Encinitas home into an instant party any time this summer, and it is a great way to meet new people in your neighborhood in Encinitas and will be the main attraction of any of your planned parties this summer at your house!

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