Phenomenal Tree House Plans for Your Backyard

As a kid, tree houses were the ultimate hangout spot. They were a personal escape and a fun climbing exercise. But tree houses are not just for kids, adults can also join in the fun and create a space to relax or entertain.

But if you have no idea how to go about building one, not to worry! These tree house plans can easily help you get started on building an incredible wooden fortress! Give your kids the gift of a secret hiding spot or build yourself an outdoor reading nook.

  • Slide and Swing Tree House

This tree house is low to the ground and features both a slide and a set of swings! Specifically designed for younger kids, this tree house resembles a platform, so there is a minimized risk of falling.

  • Climbing Adventure Tree House

This tree house is perfect for your little spider monkeys! There is a 12-foot rock climbing wall with a rope and climbing holds. In addition, there are monkey bars, a trapeze bar, hanging chairs, and even a zipline! This massive tree house is made for adventurous souls!

  • Ultimate Kids Tree House

This tree house is the one most kid’s dream of! It’s a beautiful house high in the tree, with three decks, and two slides! The house even has electrical light! This is a full playground, with climbing rope, tire obstacles, and a sand box.

  • Zelkova Tree House

This tree house can be built between two trees or on one post. The plans are simple, so you won’t have to deal with complicated instructions or techniques. The entire deck is covered, so even on rainy days, your family could enjoy this tree fort. You can add slides and other additions or keep it simple.

  • Country Chic Deck

This tree house resembles a large deck, so it’s closer to the ground. These plans are very precise, and the grand total of the supply list is estimated to be approximately $1,052.12. But although kind of simple, this tree house still sports a cool slide!

  • Rectangular Tree House

This spacious rectangular tree house is about 8 by 14 feet. You will need two trees to build this structure. This tree house plan comes with additional features which you could add to the structure, such as trap doors, ladders, climbing walls, and more.

  • Epic Tree House

This tree house is perfect for all types of weather! The house is two levels, and is fully enclosed, with functioning windows and a door. The top level is a narrower sleeping loft while the main level is larger for entertainment. This plan does require two trees.

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