Budget Friendly Porch and Patio Ideas

apply, blue, brushLooking to spruce up your outdoor living space, but not looking to break the budget? You can create a new and renovated space by using what you have or shopping at the thrift store. When it comes to the outdoors, it’s the little things that matter.

1. Paint the floors

Designing a unique pattern on the wood or cement is the cheapest way to tie together your look. You can make it look modern or rustic, depending on the type of flooring on your patio/porch.

2. Make an eyesore the focal point

Instead of having to buy new furniture, rehab any old furniture by repainting chairs, adding a clean finish, or covering a table with a vibrant table cloth.

3. Low maintenance plants

If you want to add some life to your porch or patio, use plants with low water use or low maintenance requirements – some that flourish on their own in nature. Not only will it be cost effective, but it will provide color, texture, and movement.

4. Make it a party

You can decorate your patio or deck fence with festive decorations and make it seem like every day’s a party. Buying them from the dollar store is the best and cheapest option because not only is it cheap, but the chances of it lasting long with weather changes are slim, so you won’t spend a ridiculous amount of money.

5. Add string lights

Lights add sparkle to an outdoor space, even with a limited budget. String lights can be less than $10 at any convenient store.

6. Style it with pieces

Adorn any tables with little potted plants, marbled glassware, and single flowers floating in a bowl of water – get creative with small pops of color to add some character and take out any dullness.

7. Create a glow with lanterns

If you a larger patio or yard, hang lanterns to create a glowing out door space. You can find used wire lanterns or globes at any thrift store and spray paint them to match your décor.

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