How to Buy a Home While You Are at Home

If you were in the midst of looking for a home before your state shut down due to the coronavirus, you may feel like you have to wait to buy a home. But that’s not the case!

You could easily buy a home while you are at home!

Find Your Dream Home Online

Just about every home for sale can be found online. Some of the top real estate websites include Zillow, Real Estate, Redfin, and more. You could browse through photos of the home and check out the detailed information at home.

Some online home listings even have virtual tours available. This allows you to virtually “walk” through every room in the home and see everything as if you were there in person. Or you could contact a real estate agent and request that they conduct a live tour for you. This would allow you to see the home in real time and get your questions answered.

Get Disclosures and Notes Online

When a homeowner decides to sell their home, they are required by the state to provide a disclosure statement. This includes notes about the home and detailed explanations of issues (if any).

Depending on the state you live in, this information may not be available to consumers. However, it’s entirely possible your real estate agent could provide you with access to these documents!

Visit the Home In Person

If you have found your dream home online, you may want to see it in person to make a final decision. Your real estate agent could easily set up a private showing for you! This means you would be the only person allowed to see the home, no other potential buyers would be present.

All of the social distancing rules will be followed. Your real estate agent will make sure to protect your health by following all of your states health guidelines.

Closing on the Home

When you find your dream home, you want to make a bid and get your keys as soon as possible! Your state may currently be experiencing social distancing guidelines, but you don’t have to wait to close on the house.

Your real estate agent will limit the amount of people allowed at the closing. They will more than likely schedule you to sign documentation on a different day than the sellers. Or your agent may set up two closing rooms so you may ask the sellers questions without compromising your health.

Depending on the situation, your real estate agent may simply have you electronically sign all of the necessary documents online.

As you can see, it is super easy and convenient to buy a home while you are at home!


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