How to Judge the Quality of Life in Carlsbad Neighborhoods

Location, location, location. Don’t we always say that when we’re moving into a home? Jokes aside, in being a successful homeowner, location is a huge factor. Some neighborhoods have just a city block distinguish many different things like home value, health risk, crime and the quality of life for your family.

Everyone has their needs, but the neighborhood could likely be the highest priority, because this could in fact be the biggest purchase in your life.

But what is the deal breaker for the neighborhood? According to, here are four methods in which you could evaluate a neighborhood in Carlsbad.

The Price of Your Home

First thing is first, with the sale price, you could usually tell what the status of the neighborhood in Carlsbad will be. If there is neighborhood where a Carlsbad home stays on the market for quite a bit of time, or where the homeowner continues to drop their asking price, this neighborhood may not be a good investment for a home buyer that’s new to the game.

Find a Realtor and speak with him or her because small fluctuations in urban areas could be vital. For example, in San Francisco, by going across the street you could have a 25 percent increase in a similar house to the home you were looking at.

You get What You See

If schools in the area look a little dingy and need an upgrade, or storefronts have signs that say out of business, this could be an indication that the neighborhood in Carlsbad may not be for you. You probably should look into another Carlsbad neighborhood.

That being said, you have to keep a keen eye to the how good the public transportation is, see if there is a shortage of restaurants and amenities, dirty streets, few recreational facilities or poor local services, because this could be the decline of the neighborhood.

If you buy real estate that attain those qualities, your investment could have a high risk.

Details You Should Focus on

If you’re searching for a specific house, condo or apartment in Carlsbad, find out what is nearby – these are some other possibilities that could happen in anyone’s neighborhood, that you may not be interested in:

  • Traffic and noise
  • Around many commercial or industrial areas
  • Living near a power plant that could cause hazards
  • Old, rundown or empty buildings
  • Roads that need repair
  • Sidewalks that need repair or just end suddenly
  • Living near the railroad
  • Living under flight paths
  • A home built on a landfill or old swampland

Neighbors That are Careless

When you drive or stroll through the neighborhood, a declining neighborhood is easy to find when looking at the nearby properties that aren’t in the greatest of condition. Also neighbors could be a good indicator, for example – poor yard maintenance, broken fences, torn up landscaping, weeds sprouting in gardens and junk left on the driveway could mean the owners in this neighborhood of Carlsbad don’t care about having pride in their home or may lack pride in community.

By Linda Moore

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