Advice for First Time Home Buyers

How do prospective buyers navigate the unfamiliar waters of the first time home buying process?

In today’s increasingly complex real estate market many first time buyers can find themselves a little overwhelmed by the process which can be quite daunting. Most first time buyers will candidly admit to not being entirely certain at what point to contact a real estate agent to actually begin viewing properties. Some start out by browsing listings on the internet, perhaps attending open houses or even driving through some neighborhoods on their way to or home from work scanning for a yard sign. Many, who are new to this, do not first carefully consider how much borrowing (hence buying) power they possess. The first step in purchasing any property is to determine how much you can borrow. A real estate agent with some basic knowledge of your current income, available savings and current debt can suggest a lender who will be well equipped to guide you through various loan offerings and financing strategies. This is a very important first step on the journey resulting in the pride and benefits of home ownership.

Once you have a comfort level of how much you can borrow, the agent can then guide you in searching for a property that meets your requirements while staying within a housing budget that is predetermined and takes into consideration all the financial aspects of your life that are part of the equation. Having such an agent work with you during the early stages of the search process is critical to ensure you have knowledgeable, fair representation that is personalized to your unique needs and circumstances. The agent will be there every step of the way from the beginning to ensure you are kept informed of new properties that match your criteria and will assist with additional activities that occur after you find your ideal home. These activities will likely include researching real time sale data on like kind homes in the area surrounding the home you wish to purchase in order to better position and construct your offer, assisting with the home inspection and loan process and being present for final walk through inspections and settlement and escrow procedures. With an experienced and highly skilled agent like Linda Moore at your side you will receive an unparallelled level of expertise and guidance when searching for Encinitas homes. Linda’s ability to understand all the moving pieces of a real estate transaction, her refined skill at negotiation, and her compassionate dedication to her buyer clients is unmatched in the San Diego Area.

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