Buy A Home in San Diego County

Foreclosure rates in San Diego dropped to the lowest levels in four years, since November of 2007. While a degree of caution is to be expected from many, this does show that things may finally be returning to normal. With mortgage rates at some of their lowest rates ever (currently below 4% in San Diego) and the number of residents interested in selling their home quickly, the ability for a home buyer to get an excellent deal on a new home is at its peak. San Diego, and its accompanying suburbs such as Encinitas, is one of the most beautiful places to live and defines the SoCal attitude. Consistent weather, beautiful beaches, enriching historic and modern culture, entertainment and fine-dining and so much more make every city in San Diego County a joy to reside in.

Linda Moore has been a resident herself of this area for many years as well as a Coldwell Banker real estate agent with over 20 years of experience in the area, which makes her uniquely capable of finding the perfect home for any buyer and guiding them through the process, whether it is their first time purchasing an Encinitas home or their hundredth. Linda communicates with customers to keep them informed at every turn, while still taking control of the purchase so that the client doesn’t need to worry about whether or not they will be successful.

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