Catch Good Vibes at the Java Hut in Encinitas

It does not matter if you are old, young, male, female, fat, or skinny. The beaches in Encinitas are a great place to hang out no matter what time of year it is! Although the winters here may seem a little chilly to us, that is only the case because we are spoiled! Next time you step outside of your Encinitas home and feel like it is too chilly for your bones, think of what it would be like to get pummeled with a blizzard on the East coast!

In fact, our year round comfortable weather is attributed to the development of our thriving surf culture that is a significant part of the Southern California identity! If you are unsure of what I mean by surf culture, think of straw roof top coffee shops and lounges surrounded by palm trees. If you think of the word “vibe” and what it implies, you will get a healthy sense of what Southern California is all about! And for this beach town, the Java Hut solidifies what the beach culture in Encinitas is all about.

An awesome Encinitas beach hangout is the Java Hut, which is located on 1126 South Coast Hwy 101. Java Hut is run by Encinitas locals who are determined to spread their love for fine organic coffee and delicious fruit smoothies. The Java Hut is the place to go before, during, or after an afternoon on the beach!

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