Palomar Observatory in Encinitas

The Encinitas area is dense with great destinations for tourists and locals alike. Great year round weather coupled with beach access to the Pacific makes for a superb travelers destination as well as awesome real estate! On top of that, the hills, mountains, and deserts that immediately surround Encinitas homes offer their own unique beauty that wonderfully contrasts with the ocean views.

An awesome way to appreciate the unique outdoor natural surroundings near your Encinitas home is to go star gazing! You can see quite a bit star gazing in Encinitas at night but the light pollution drowns out the majority of what is to be seen. A drive just minutes out of the metropolitan area and into the hills will yield much better views of stars, planets, and constellations! If you have the time to make the 50 mile drive to the Palomar Observatory in north San Diego County, it is very worth it!

The Palomar Observatory is operated by the California Institute of Technology and is open most days to visitors , however is closed at night for research. Since it is an actual working scientific facility, the Palomar Observatory makes for a very interesting and educational visit!

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