Chic Headboards for Your Master Bedroom

If your master bedroom could use a little more personalizing, consider changing the headboard.

More than center your bed, headboards offer extra storage, design, and support. No matter if you like minimalism or elegant opulent styles, there’s a headboard perfect for you!

Take a look at these chic headboards and feel inspired to transform your living space with minimal effort!

  • Upholstered Crown Headboard

This elegant crown molded headboard is upholstered for a cozy yet chic look. Silver round studs adorn the edges. Available in various colors, sizes, and fabrics, there’s a design for everyone.

  • Colorful Patterned Headboard

Looking for a pop of color? This curved headboard comes in six stunning, colorful fabrics. Why stick to neutral solid colors when patterns are so fun?

  • Colonial Wooden Headboard

This elegant headboard is reminiscent of the colonial revival style. Designed to look like an eye-catching mantel from the 1920s, this white piece of furniture is unlike anything you’ve seen before.

  • Arched Cathedral Headboard

This arched headboard looks like a cathedral window with stunning motifs of fleur de lis and spiraling patterns. This wooden headboard comes in seven terrific colors and is undeniably chic.

  • Lotus Headboard

A lotus shaped headboard is sure to inspire tranquility. This piece is made from reclaimed wood, ensuring that every piece is one of a kind. Go ahead and chant your mantra because your master bedroom will be filled with creative power.

  • Vintage Headboard

If you love opulence and the days of old, this beautiful vintage headboard is perfect for you! The wood is completely detailed and aged. Relive the days of The Great Gatsby with this ornate piece of art.

  • Minimalist Headboard with Storage

This minimalist headboard comes without the lavishness of the aforementioned headboards. This plain wooden style has six storage units to hold your beloved books, trinkets, photos, and even a piping hot cup of tea.

  • Rustic Wooden Headboard

This rustic wooden headboard is perfect for any industrial styled room. The sleek wooden planks are topped by two decorative sconce lights. The styled wood grain gives this headboard a weatherworn look, like it was salvaged from a historical fishing dock.

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