How to Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

Preparing your home for being listed on the market isn’t just about paperwork and permits. Whether it’s your first showing or an open house, it’s incredibly important to present the best possible version of your home to potential buyers, and that means making sure the exterior looks absolutely lovely. Here are great ways to get your home noticed for the right reasons:

Make eyesores blend in

Visible wires, piping, and especially electrical boxes are common in many homes, but can often decrease the overall visual appeal of any exterior. There’s a simple fix: camouflage. By painting these fixtures the exact same color as the wall it’s on, you’ll make them far less noticeable.

Replace or repair the front door

First impressions are crucial when you’re showing your home to potential buyers, and one of the very first things they’ll notice is the front door. If completely replacing a worn front door is out of the question in terms of budget, there’s another solution that won’t cost much at all. Simply repaint the door, add molding around it, even buy a shiny new house number plaque—it’s a quick fix that lends a more streamlined appearance to your entryway.

Create a welcoming space

If you have a front or back porch that’s roomy enough, add wooden rocking chairs or other outdoor-friendly seating along with a little side table. You may even want to add matching cushions that reflect the style and color palette of your home itself. It’s a friendly, personal touch that helps buyers imagine themselves having company over and using the space as a casual place to spend time.

Give your house a bath!

Although it may not seem necessary, washing all the dirt and mildew off the exterior of your home can raise its perceived value and make a huge difference to buyers. Just use soapy water and a long-handled scrub brush; this NYT article is also a helpful reference for how to properly clean other exterior surfaces. Save the power hose for your walkways. Don’t forget to clean the windows, garage, and siding.

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