8 Awesome Wall Decals to Decorate a Kids’ Room

If your kids’ room could use more color, inspiration, or personalization, you may have considered repainting. But painting takes a lot of time and effort, not to mention the mess!

If you want a quick solution, wall decals are the way to go. They’re temporary, easy to install, and come in all kinds of patterns and designs. Not to mention, wall decals can be easily repositioned and reused!

You could completely revamp their room before they get home from school! Imagine the look on their face when you turn their otherwise boring white walls into a work of art!

These wall decal ideas are perfect for kids and look like you spent ages decorating.

  • Watercolor Polka Dots

These watercolor polka dots come in a rainbow of colors! They look best on white walls but could go with just about any existing paint color.

  • Custom Ocean Theme

This underwater decal package comes with a submarine, ocean plants, sea creatures, and more! The best part is that you can choose the colors you want for each individual decal!

  • Flower Garden

These large colorful flowers look stunning! Complete with little bees and ladybugs, this nature themed decal scene is sure to inspire your little one.

  • Race Car Roads

This race car decal reaches 24 feet! Complete with 15 race cars of every style and color, this wall decal is sure to thrill your kid. Make one long road or layer multiple roads on one wall.

  • Mountain Mural

Inspire your kids’ wanderlust with this decal mural of snow peaked mountains and gray hills.  There are numerous sizes to choose from, and you could even choose the colors of the mountains!

  • Space Mural with Name

Write your kids name in the stars with this awesome space wall decal. This zodiac decal looks best on dark walls, but you could easily choose dark colored decals for light colored walls.

  • Geometric Origami Dinosaurs

If your kid loves dinosaurs, go ahead and surprise them with this collection of geometric origami dinosaur decals! They look chic and may inspire your kid to try their hand at origami!

  • Castle Wall Decal

This colorful and whimsical cartoonish wall decal depicts a large castle and a raised bridge! Complete with a wandering story time mouse!

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