Coldwell Banker $20,000 Summer Cash Giveaway

It is that time of year again everyone! Time for another Coldwell Banker Cash Giveaway of a whopping 20,000 dollars! Enter to win today. All you need to do to enter is go straight to this link right here: and fill in your full name, address, phone number, city, email, state, and zip code before pressing submit. And just like that you qualify to win $20,000 during our drawing on September 4th. The deadline to submit your entry is September 1st so you still have a lot of time but the summer could pass more quickly than you expect so it’s always better to get a head start! What would you do with the money if you won the $20,000?

I have so great ideas on what people could do with that much money:

Cover Tuition Costs

Your kid may be heading off to college soon or perhaps you’d like to send them to a nicer private school in the area for high school. Or maybe you would like to return to school for a further degree. This money could help you do it!

Go on a Big Vacation

Have you been itching to take a big family vacation or a romantic anniversary getaway? With this much money, you could go almost anywhere that you wanted and stay in some of the nicest lodgings.

Invest It

You could be smart and practical by investing it in your retirement fund or any other special account. Or if you have been in the investing game for quite a while now, you can put it in some preferred stocks and gain a bigger return.

Treat and Pamper Yourself

What about using part of this money to pamper yourself for the entire weekend or week at the spa? You likely need a break from life. Doesn’t everyone? You could use this money purely on selfcare. Take a solo vacation. Go to the spa. Treat yourself to some much need rest away from work.


Go enter today!!!!

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