Setting Your Home Buying Goals

Before entering the home buying market, it is important to make your home buying goals clear. Setting clear goals always makes a process less stressful. Today, I’d like to take the time to help you make your home buying goals more precise, so your home buying experience can be more efficient and less stressful.

Why are you buying a new home?

Before knowing what you want from a new home, you should clarify why you want to buy one. There can be many factors that contribute to the “why” of home buying. You may want to be closer to your job. You may want more space for an expanding family. You may want a vacation property. Clearly stating your intentions for a new home will help you pinpoint what you are looking for.

What do you want in a home?

After understanding why you want a new home, it’s best to detail what you want in a new home. For instance, how many bedrooms do you want? How many bathrooms are needed? Do you want a home that has solar power? The more thorough you can be, the easier it will be for your realtor to find your dream home.

With that said, a quick warning. It is important to have some flexibility with what you want in a home. Depending on your budget and the area you are looking at, certain features may not be possible. The only way to get exactly what you want is to build a home from bottom up, which can take a long time and be costly.

Where do you want your home?

Determining the neighborhoods you want to live in will greatly help your home buying experience. This will help you understand how much the homes may be, how much the property taxes will be and will help narrow the area in which you view homes. Just keep in mind, certain neighborhoods are more competitive than others. This could make it more difficult to get what you want in a home.

When do you want to move?

You should also consider when you want to move in. Setting a date in advance can help you prioritize your research, finding a real estate agent and getting a mortgage.

If you are searching to buy a new home in the Encinitas California area, I’d be happy to help you find the home you desire. We can discuss what you want, where you want to move and your time line to closing. You can call or send an email, I looking forward to hearing from you.

Linda Moore.

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