Coldwell Banker & CNET Define “Smart Homes”


How smart is your home? In conjunction with CNET, Coldwell Banker recently released an official definition to designate “smart home” status. Earlier this year, research revealed that smart technology is a growing desire, even a priority, among established and prospective homeowners and buyers. Technology-driven homes have long been held as a future ideal – and the future has officially begun.

So, what is a smart home? Obviously, an internet connection is mandated for such technology. Categories of smart technology include lighting, safety, entertainment, appliances, heating/cooling, outdoors, security, and temperature features. Coldwell Banker’s definition of a smart home applies to homes with smart technology in at least 3 of these areas – one of which must be either temperature or security.

For more about smart homes, consult Coldwell Banker’s full definition here.

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