Coldwell Banker Real Estate Agent Encinitas

If you are looking for a home in Encinitas then the real estate agent you need to turn to is Linda Moore, who has lived in Encinitas for 35 years and bought and sold real estate for customers for 21 years. If anyone can find you the perfect home to buy or help you sell your piece of real estate, it’s Coldwell Banker real estate agent Linda Moore.

Linda has chosen Encinitas as her place of residence and the location she works because of how much Encinitas has to offer anyone living in the area, those visiting for a week or a weekend or those spending the winter in warmer climes. Encinitas is in the Southern California area just North of San Diego and is truly the definition of that state of mind that is “SoCal.” The beaches in North County are world-famous and are an excellent place to hang back and relax on the Pacific Ocean or to spend some time taking to surfing. Whether you are a professional, amateur or a neophyte brand new to surfing you will love the area and the people who spend their time there.

Encinitas has a relaxed but populated downtown area, with store-fronts for various shopping and many restaurants like Potato Shack or the 101 Diner, as well as some excellent art galleries like 101 Artists Colony or the Nofufi Sculpture Gallery. There are also many beautiful places for nature aficionados like the Quail Botanical Gardens and the Encinitas Ranch Golf Course. Whatever you are looking for in a home Encinitas has it in spades. See for yourself by contacting Linda Moore.

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