Local Encinitas Real Estate Agent

Linda Moore has over 20 years experience as a real estate agent in San Diego County and has been a resident here since 1977. Linda not only intimately understands real estate in Encinitas, she intimately knows the benefits and assets the area holds and where those benefits and assets are located.

There are very few places like San Diego County in the world let alone in the United States. In San Diego County you have access to America’s eighth-largest city, if you enjoy large urban areas that offer diverse culture that has something interesting and fun for almost anyone’s tastes; great record stores and clubs for those interested in music, beautiful landscapes and views for the person that enjoys nature, excellent dining and shopping for the consumer, a rich historical heritage, weather that is consistent and temperate year round, and so much more. The country’s second largest city, Los Angeles, is also only a few hours away and Mexico is only thirty to sixty minutes away. The beaches are many and stunning, there are small suburban towns right on the ocean, burgeoning cities with their own activities and services to offer, and quiet coastal places with a small population.

Whatever you are looking for San Diego County has it to offer (unless you are looking for snow and freezing cold weather. That is the one thing you won’t find). Linda Moore is the best local Encinitas real estate agent to guide you through the area and find the place that is perfect for you and that you can call home. Let Linda help you today.

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