College Kids: Removable Dorm Décor Ideas

It’s officially August, which means new college students will be going away to school. It can be exciting for them and sad for you, but hectic for both of you. They’re moving away and don’t know what they might need. To make their room more homie and familiar, here are some cheap and easy ways to decorate their rooms that adheres to the dorm’s “no nail” policy.

Pinboard as wall art

You can purchase hexagonal corkboards or cut heavy-weight corkboard sheets into hexagons. Paint over them with your favorite colors to match your bedding and stick them to your dorm wall with removable adhesive strips. Tack on photos, magazine clippings, reminders, or jewelry for the girls!

Chalkboard refrigerator

Turn your fridge into a spot for notes and grocery lists by using removable sheets of chalkboard.

DIY Curtains

Many dorms only have basic blinds or nothing over them at all. Using a dowel rod and removable adhesive hooks, you can hang curtains from the window to hide some sun and make your room look colorful.

Hanging posters with decorative tape.

Instead of buying frames and using the adhesive tapes that could rip your poster, pick out decorative washi tape that compliments the poster to hang it up.

Chalkboard wardrobe

Dorms come with large wardrobes that have large, blank doors. Cover those doors with the removable adhesive chalkboard panels to create a reminder board for you and your roommate.

Removable gallery

Use removable adhesive strips to hang frames, pictures, art, and other things you tend to use for decoration.

Instagram corkboard

Use spray adhesive to attach a meaningful map to a piece of corkboard. Pin photos of your favorite memories to the place where they happened across a state or specific country.

Washi tape dorm door

Decorate you and your roommate’s door with washi tape throughout the year. Start off with hello in fun, geometric lettering, then decorate for holidays and fun events.

Removable wallpaper

There is a variety of different styles you can choose from and it comes in small pieces. When choosing the brand, make sure to pick a reliable one so you’re not leaving sticky residue when it’s time to take it off. Other than the walls, you can use it to decorate the tops of dressers and your desks.

Share these ideas with your kid! For demonstrations of these ideas, head over to HGTV’s website for the original article:–pictures


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