Memorial Day Weekend

It is finally the start of summer!  Fortunately for us, we do not have to experience the bitter winters that other cities do. However, summer time still marks changes in weather, climate, and moods despite our mild winters. The beaches are beginning to fill up with surfers and swimmers, more people are seen running and biking, and the surrounding plants and landscapes are generally more vivid and colorful! Smiles are seen across Southern California as the long weekend approaches and people are looking forward to relaxing and enjoying their free time outside of their San Diego, Encinitas, or Carlsbad homes.

The three day weekend usually leads people to forget the meaning and purpose of Memorial Day. Make it a point to honor the fallen soldiers that sacrificed their lives in protecting our country by attending a parade or ceremony. For those that have homes in San Diego, there are multiple events you can attend.

The Midway Museum on 910 N. Harbor Drive in San Diego will be host to a free public ceremony at 8 a.m. Veterans will be seen presenting commemorative wreaths honoring their fallen comrades.

The Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery will be hosing boy and girl scouts placing thousands of American flags on the graves of our Nation’s soldiers. It will touch the hearts of many and will be a unique experience seeing children honor the many extremely brave soldiers resting in the cemetery.

There will be a candlelight vigil honoring Vietnam soldiers at the San Diego Vietnam Peace Memorial at 7 in the evening. It will be an amazing event and a truly touching experience for anybody especially to those that have experienced or lost a loved one during the war.

Also, the Midway Museum on 910 N. Harbor Drive in San Diego will be hosting a free public ceremony at 8 am. There will be Veterans presenting wreaths in remembrance of the war and those that sacrificed their lives for our country.

Memorial day weekend is the start of summertime and will be marked by happy faces dotting all of California. We all need to make it a point to remember the brave souls that have lost their lives to enable us to enjoy life and the beautiful weather this weekend will bring.


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